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All Natural Vitamin Supplements

Natural, Safe Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Preventative healthcare is more effective and more affordable than any crisis medicine. That’s why every doctor advises any patient to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and get enough rest.

Unfortunately, it is harder than ever to get the nutrition you need every day to maintain top health due to hectic schedules, processed food, poor lifestyle habits, stress, and availability of truly fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO) along with soil depletion has affected our food supply.

Problem Solved with Natural Liquid Vitamins

Life Force International’s easy to take vitamin and mineral supplements are whole food based, naturally sourced from certified locations, and made and manufactured in the USA. Whether you are trying to live a healthier life, trying a natural approach to solving chronic illness, help your fitness regimen with solid and safe nutrition, or nourish yourself to wellness, Life Force International has a supplement that your body will recognize as food…because it is food.

These convenient liquid supplements (and powder supplements mixed with the liquid of your choice) taste great and are whole food nutrition that is easy to ingest. Liquids are the perfect solution for kids or other people who have difficulty swallowing pills. Further, liquid products get to the right parts of your body, right on time because they are easier to process than solid foods, making them ideal for supplement delivery.

The Body was Created for FOOD

Did you know that just because a vitamin supplement label says it contains a certain amount of a nutrient doesn’t mean your body will absorb that much of the nutrient? Factors such as what you ate that day, what your current health condition is, and the quality of the supplement all play a role in how your body takes up the nutrition in a supplement. That is why Life Force’s Body Balance® liquid whole food vitamin is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to provide their body with a daily foundation for optimum health, promote increased energy, or support overall well-being. Take it alone to replace your existing multivitamin and handfuls of pills, or add additional support with the other vitamin and mineral-dense formulations listed on this page.

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