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Liquid Taheebo: Immune System Support

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Top Features

  • 720 mg pau d’arco/serv
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Celiac Safe
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Non-GMO

Your Best Pau d’Arco Supplement

Taheebo has been proven time after time to support excellent health. For centuries, the Indians of the Andes used an extract of the bark of the Purple Lapacho tree as part of their natural holistic approach. The key active component extracted is lapachol, which has demonstrated antibiotic*, antifungal*, and anti-inflammatory* properties.

Once again, Life Force’s intense liquid difference means it beats the competition for Pau d’Arco benefits. Life Force International’s Taheebo extract is made from a 100% extract from the inner bark of the Purple Lapacho tree in South America, not dried bark in a capsule form or loose tea. This extract will have far more power than those who wish to sell you their dried product to make into a liquid for a less expensive price. With our liquid, you get pure extract that has a 98% absorption rate you can use sublingually, mixed with another liquid, or topically. Great idea for traveling! This bottle meets carry on standards required by airport security measures. There’s no better place to stay on top of a healthy immune system than on an airplane. Also, you can keep it in your purse or briefcase for when you’re on the go. Get on our autoship program and never have to go without!

PLEASE NOTE: This product is manufactured in a USDA certified Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) facility. Many people aren’t aware that much of the taheebo sold online today is not processed or manufactured in a cGMP facility, or cannot guarantee lapacho content, or even put in artificial colorings to make the taheebo appear to be richer than what it is. Dare to compare–and then come and get the best, safest value for your money right here.

For excellent natural immune system support, try our Immune Boost Kit found here.

View the technical data sheet for Taheebo, including medical references and ingredients

Pau d’arco (from inner, purple bark) extract in 20% alcohol, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, less than 0.2% Potassium Benzoate (to preserve freshness) and Purified Water.

How do I take each serving of the Taheebo extract?
For the Taheebo, after shaking the bottle well, take 1 full dropper both in the morning and evening, holding the tincture under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. This allows absorption of nutrients to begin in the mouth, crossing into the bloodstream.
Do I need to refrigerate this?
No, this product does not require refrigeration, although if you wish to keep it near your Body Balance to remind yourself to take it daily, it can be kept in the refrigerator with no harm coming to the product. Please be sure to shake the Taheebo bottle well if you refrigerate it.
How does the Taheebo taste?
Taheebo has a strong taste, but it is organic in a sweet grass way. The alcohol used to make the tincture gives the product a little zip as well. Our family doesn’t flinch when taking the product, if that is more of what you are asking. We understand that lapacho tea/pau d’arco tea/taheebo tea can taste bitter. This product does not.
I am in recovery and see the Life Force Taheebo contains alcohol. How much is in there so I know if I can take it?
Congratulations for taking this enormous step to live your outstanding life and destiny! Because you are in recovery, we respectfully ask that you forego taking the Taheebo altogether, because alcohol is present in this product. (The alcohol extracts the essential oil out of the inner lapacho bark in an effective manner that does not destroy the compound.) A great substitute for daily Taheebo would be the Vitali-C Immune Nutrition powder, which will strengthen another part of your immune system with its Vitamin C, Zinc, pine cone extract, and quercetin.

There is at least one website which sells taheebo extract who says you can eliminate almost all of the alcohol in the product by steeping it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. This is untrue. A small amount of alcohol would remain in the water after it cooled, which could compromise your recovery, or if you are on strict orders not to take certain medications with alcohol.

Do you have a question about this product? Contact us here.

What this Taheebo tincture has done for us

On my desk sits this purple-labeled product, and I have it here because I want to be sure to get it twice per day. Ever since I have started using this product, the colds that used to run back-to-back have stopped and I find myself able to stay healthy even if someone else in the house succumbs to illness. One squirt of the dropper under my tongue twice per day…so little does so much.

I’ve had inquiries about taking many different herbals or teas with the following names: lapacho, taheebo, lapachol, ipe roxo, lapacho Colorado or morado, ipes, tahuari, trumpet bush and tree. They question me about taking these for cancer treatment*, diabetes*, candida and other yeast infections*, as well as asking about the proactive benefits against flu, colds, and other respiratory infections*. The important thing to remember is that herbals are food, and food has within it beneficial compounds that can and will help your body.

You are ultimately responsible for decisions you make concerning your self-care, whether you elect to take medication or any other treatment from a physician or alternative health practitioner or website. If you choose to explore using Taheebo as I did, make sure that you trust the manufacturer (Life Force was following certified good manufacturing practices years before it was required by law), that they guarantee they are responsibly sourcing the taheebo (Life Force International has supported sustainable harvesting for over 30 years, long before it was culturally fashionable to do so), and that you know how much you are getting in each serving and in a form that will go into your body (Life Force Taheebo has 720 mg of lapachol per serving–guaranteed by assaying every batch per required standards).

To amp up your immunity*, don’t forget the Immune Boost Kit with Taheebo and Colloidal Silver and the all-natural buffered Vitali-C Vitamin C and Zinc powder with proligna and quercetin.

Stay strong!


PS You can see more of my personal research about Taheebo here.

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