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OsteoProCare: Chelated Calcium, D3, Magnesium+

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  • Liquid Calcium & D3
  • Gluten Free
  • Celiac Safe
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Non-GMO

Calcium Orotate with D3, Magnesium, and More

Life Force OsteoProCare is an easily absorbed, naturally-sourced liquid calcium mineral supplement that is also an excellent source of vitamin D3, magnesium, and many other trace and ultratrace minerals, including vanadium. Over 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones and teeth. Peak bone mass is the total quantity of bone present at maturity, and experts believe that it has the greatest bearing on whether a person will be at risk of developing osteoporosis and related bone fractures later in life.

Experts now agree–calcium orotate is the superior calcium for delivering this mineral across every cell’s membrane. This is especially true with even tougher tissue–such as cartilage. Life Force carefully formulated this liquid calcium to be beautifully balanced with other nutrients necessary for absorption, so you can be confident you are feeding your body with exactly what it needs to keep your bones strong and healthy*. They did this by adding orotic acid to the mineral so it could go through the membrance at the cellular level. In addition, you have the assurance of Life Force International pure and certified natural sources for all of the elements in this formulation as well as their FDA Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility in California.

The Best Vitamin D and Calcium Supplement

Now with optimal Vitamin D! You’ve probably already heard how there is a dangerous deficiency now impacting world populations–vitamin D. In addition to aiding the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, Vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in depression, softening and weakening of bones (osteopenia and osteoporosis), fibromyalgia, heart problems, pain sensitivity, fatigue, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), obesity, cancer, autoimmune disorders, stroke and even Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Unfortunately, the US RDA for vitamin D and also some in the medical community recommend any additional vitamin D in amounts as low as 400 IUs. This is inadequate to meet the growing need for Vitamin D in the body. The ideal form of Vitamin D is D3, or cholecalciferol, and it is just what is in Life Force OsteoProCare. And with one day’s serving, you will now have an optimal 2000 IUs vitamin D3 to defend your body from these significant results of deficiency.

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View the technical data sheet for OsteoProCare, including medical references and ingredients

A day’s serving of OsteoProCare contains: Vitamin D3 [as cholecalciferol] (2000 IU), Calcium [as calcium carbonate and calcium orotate] 1200 mg, Iron [ferrous gluconate] 5 mg, Iodine [potassium iodide] (150 mcg), Magnesium [magnesium hydroxide] 600 mg, Zinc [zinc gluconate] (5 mg), Selenium (as sodium selenite) 200 mcg, Copper [copper gluconate] 1 mg, Manganese [manganese gluconate] 5 mg, Chromium [chromium chloride] 200 mcg, Molybdenum [sodium molybdate] 50 mcg, Chloride [potassium chloride] 100 mg, Potassium [potassium chloride] 100 mg, Boron [boron citrate] 50 mcg, Chondroitin sulfate 126 mg, Silicon (as silicon dioxide) 2 mg, Vanadium [vanadyl sulfate] 100 mcg, Glucosamine hydrochloride [shellfish source] 200 mg, Purified Water, Glycerin (Vegetarian Source), Orotic Acid, Sodium Propionate, Xanthan Gum, Vanilla Flavor, Montmorillonite, Purified Stevia Extract (Leaf).

Why is it ideal that I take the liquid calcium twice per day?
Your body is constantly using calcium to help it function correctly. In fact, you use calcium even when you blink! However, each body uses calcium at a different rate, and there is no way the body can “time delay” the release of the recommended 1200mg of calcium per day. This is why our labeling strongly recommends that you divide your serving up with at least 6 hours in-between–your body will better absorb and use the calcium in this way. Add the fact that you are taking a liquid product, and you are treating yourself doubly well.
Is it true that taking calcium during a heat flash from menopause can eliminate it or lessen the symptoms?
Relying on anecdotal evidence, many women find that taking a serving of liquid calcium during a heat flash can lessen the symptoms*, shorten the duration*, and/or eliminate it entirely*. Contrary to conventional wisdom, taking extra liquid calcium will not contribute to kidney stone formation. In fact, there is some evidence that getting enough calcium for your body’s needs each day reduces kidney stone formation. However, it is vital that this serving be in the liquid form (such as our OsteoProCare product) because absorption will begin in the mouth, through the tissue. It will take too long for your body to break down the pill form of calcium to bring relief to your symptoms.*
I see “calcium orotate” on the ingredients list. What is that?
The mineral calcium must have a helper in order to cross the cell membrane, or it would simply pass through the body unabsorbed. Orotic acid (found naturally in cow’s milk and other sources) grabs onto minerals and forms orotates, thus the name “calcium orotate.” After this change, the orotate transports the calcium to the cell and gets it straight into the mitochondria. This is what sets OsteoProCare apart from other liquid calciums and pills. It is the most efficient form of calcium anywhere and is what makes OsteoProCare so effective.
Where does the calcium come from in OsteoProCare and are the other elements natural?
The calcium carbonate comes from an FDA-approved limestone facility, with regular testing for toxic metals. Yes, all the other ingredients in OsteoProCare are from natural sources with absolutely no synthetic sources used.
Is OsteoProCare Liquid Calcium good for 5 yr olds and if so what is the dosage?
OsteoProCare is all natural and therefore safe for your child. Here are suggested servings: 30-50 lbs.– 2 teaspoons, ideally one teaspoon in the morning with a solid breakfast and one teaspoon at supper. It is very important it is taken with food for children. 50-100 lbs.–1-1/2 teaspoons, ideally one teaspoon in the morning with a solid breakfast and one teaspoon at a solid supper. It is very important it is taken with food for children. 100+ lbs.–as suggested on the label. It is very important it is taken with food for children. We are emphatic with this because OsteoProCare and OstOmegaCare are so efficiently absorbed and loaded with such quality calcium that if it is taken alone on a sensitive system, nausea or diarrhea could occur.
I had heard it is best to take calcium separate from other food. Does the formula upset the stomach that it should be taken with food? Doesn’t that work cross-purposes?

If your meal is fairly balanced between protein, complex carbs and lipids (as many regular meals are), it will work synergistically with the nutrients you are consuming and you should suffer no adverse effects. If you do, simply reduce the serving by 1/2 over several days and then work your way back up to the recommended serving. The problem is that we don’t know your weight or how your body absorbs magnesium. If no nausea occurs at a smaller serving, you could actually only need that amount of the Osteo formulations for you to be protecting your bones and teeth. Some adults suffer no ill effects taking it without food, and that is still fine in terms of absorption.

As for taking it separately from food, that is a sweeping generalization for very unique circumstances. For example, if you have iron-poor blood, dietary calcium will hinder the absorption of elemental iron in foods if you eat a huge portion of iron-rich food with nothing else. Please contact us using the live chat feature above, via email, or via other information on our contact page for your specific questions.

Why should you not refrigerate OsteoProCare?

OsteoProCare is a high-potency calcium concentrate utilizing the highest source of calcium (calcium carbonate) chelated by orotic acid. Calcium orotate is very efficiently transported across cell membranes and works directly with cell mitochondria. OsteoProCare also boasts glucosamine and chondroitin to promote healthy joints and flexibility.

The reason that OsteoProCare should not be refrigerated is because the refrigeration precipitates the minerals in the OsteoProCare. It causes the minerals in the OsteoProCare to settle even more in the bottom of the bottle and makes it more difficult to shake the content to loosen up for pouring.

Do you have a question about this product? Contact us here.

Heartburn Home Remedy*

Calcium is valuable to our overall health, but I’ve found a great second reason to take OsteoProCare: Darryl’s occasional heartburn. He didn’t like getting that prescription filled when heartburn started becoming more regular for him, so one evening when he got an attack and went to the kitchen to get the new pills, he saw the OsteoProCare. He figured it couldn’t hurt to try a serving. Without fanfare but with much relief, the pain left. OsteoProCare is now the first thing he turns to over pills.

So whether you are considering this liquid calcium supplement as help for osteoporosis, osteopenia, bone strengthening, proactive bone health or a replacement for chalky chewable antacid tablets, I wish you happy health, down to my “bones.”



* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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