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You have tried Body Balance, OsteoProCare liquid calcium, the BENEW Weight Loss system or any combination of other Life Force products and have seen the improvements in your health. You know there is a Life Force business member opportunity, but you aren’t sure you want to commit to that quite yet. is proud to announce their Thank You Check program for any of your product referrals.

Here’s how it works (see details below)1:

  1. Try Life Force products through and see how amazing they are.
  2. Tell someone how amazing Life Force products are and send them to
  3. Have them put your name in the “Anything We Should Know?” box in the cart.
  4. Get paid $10 or $25.

It’s that simple! And best of all, you get to help other people find excellent health through Body Balance and other fine products. What are you waiting for?

The Details

1 If you’re going to be on an every month autoship and know you will have people ordering from you regularly, it makes the most sense just to register as a member with Life Force using sponsor #20567268 and earn the maximum amount of checks. Your checks will come every week from Life Force International for the first time orders and monthly checks for the repeat order commissions. But, if you would prefer not to do this…

With the Thank You Check program, once you have ordered a 4-pack of Body Balance (or over $100-$154 in Life Force products), you will receive $10 for every person who orders 4 quarts of Body Balance (or $100-$154 in Life Force products) because of your referral. You will earn $25 for every 8-pack of Body Balance or BENEW Life Shift pack (or over $155 in Life Force products) when someone orders because of your referral. This is a one-time payout per new customer based on the purchase amounts or products stated above, paid on the 15th or 30th of every month and at least 30 days after your referral’s order date. Your referral must mention your name in the “Anything We Should Know?” cart when placing the order. Questions about this program can be directed to 717-473-9535 or contact us here and further details are below. There is no limit to the amount of Thank You Checks you can earn.



The Legal Stuff

By referring someone to and that person stating you are their referral, you are agreeing to the terms of this program outlined on this entire page. You must be a customer of to receive any benefits from this offer and have made a purchase in the amount specified above in the last 12 months to qualify for a Thank You Check. A “customer” means Life Force International has 20567268 as your enrollment and placement sponsor in their records. You may verify this by calling Life Force customer service at 800-531-4877 and asking whom your upline sponsor is. If a person orders through the website and does not specify you as their referral in the cart at the time of their order (or if ordering by phone at 717-473-9535), or if you have a different sponsor with Life Force International, is under no obligation to pay you a Thank You Check.

This is a program exclusive to and Life Force International is not responsible for administrating this program, nor are they obligated to make payouts for this offer. reserves the right to suspend this program at any time, or to withhold payment for any party who returns their product to Life Force International for a refund or is deliberately misusing or abusing this program. Checks are issued after your referral customer has had the product at least 30 days, and are not paid out at all if your referral returns their product to Life Force International. If suspicious activity is detected with any party in this program, has 180 days to perform an investigation before any Thank You Checks are issued. is allowed to change details of this program at any time for all former and future participants and will display those changes on this page. No separate notification of changes to this program will be made to earlier participants, who will be bound by current rules for any further participation.

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