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Are You Shopping Around for the Best, Legitimate Home-Based Business?

You came to this page for a reason. Maybe you are open to hearing about Network Marketing for the first time. Maybe you recently changed your mind about reputable Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Maybe you aren’t happy with your current business, or you are investigating the Life Force International business opportunity. Or, maybe something else! Since 2006, we have been faithfully working our Life Force business and have been exposed to quite a few different companies. We have found several common themes running through less reputable businesses.

Whatever the reason you landed here, we are proud to offer you a checklist of things to consider before you commit your hard-earned money, valuable time, and energy to a company. We also want to to dare you to compare any company to Life Force International. Click here for more information about the Life Force International business opportunity.


Make Sure That… Why This Is Important…

The company does NOT charge a membership/annual/startup fee.

Does it make sense to pay a company for the “privilege” of selling their products even though you are generating revenue for their company?

You can earn money from simply having customers and not from building a downline.

This is one of the reasons that MLMs get dubbed as “pyramid schemes”–because some companies (not Life Force) are really only profitable for the distributor after they recruit other business builders. Further, make sure that the commission structure is fair enough that you are realizing pure profit after just a few customers.

There is no quota to meet to earn money every month, such as minimum sales.

Exactly. If you refer one person and they buy, you get a check from that sale whether it’s $4 or $40. Pretty simple.

You should be able to make more money than your upline.

It’s true. In legitimate work from home, reputable MLM and good home business opportunities, the compensation plan is such that anyone, anywhere in a downline can make more than their upline because the work you are doing is rewarded, not where you are in a downline.

You can have as many legs to your downline as possible.

We still marvel that some companies will not let you have as many business builders as you want under you. Those systems are geared to make the people at the top of the company earn big bucks and the little guys only earn…well, nothing, really. Companies that advertise with a “ground floor opportunity” are often set up with limited ability to build downline. Seriously–run the other way (and call us at 717-473-9535)!

You earn on every level of your downline to infinity.

We are saddened to hear of people who work very hard to bring people into their business, travel near and far to train up exceptional leaders to do the same thing, and then only receive compensation down to a third or fourth level. Or worse, they stop earning all profits if one of their business builders leave or if they stop ordering. In Life Force, you still earn from any person’s volume in your downline, period, no matter what their upline does. If you are going to work very hard and invest in a business builder to create an exceptional legacy, you should receive payment for every generation that exceptional legacy creates…as should they!

You do not have to buy a “startup” inventory.

The real reason we got started in Life Force is because someone approached us from another company. We were doing our due diligence and found out that we would have had to spend thousands of dollars on cases of inventory to get started with that company. With Life Force, the only thing you have to do to get a commission check for referrals is be on a personal automatic monthly delivery (autoship). And the products–like Body Balance, BENEW&#8482 Weight Loss System, OsteoProCare, Vitali-C Plus, Colloidal Silver handwash, etc.–make such an impact on our lives, that it’s hard to pick what we want to have for that month’s autoship.

The company should not have “lottery” language or make false claims.

Truly, this is a business and needs to be treated like one. If you owned a brick-and-mortar store, you would have to show up each day to serve customers. Some would buy, some would not. But if you showed up everyday and did your job running the store, you would make a profit. There is no such thing as a reputable, legal home-based business that has people throwing money at you. If there was, don’t you think everyone would be doing that business?

The company should allow you to work for other companies.

There are some very well-known direct sales companies who put limitations on their consultants/members/distributors as to moonlighting with other companies. Their reasons range from–at best–they don’t want their consultants to be dividing their time between two companies so they aren’t doing well at either, or–at worst–they don’t trust the consultant enough not to steal their customers into the other company, along with their company’s proprietary information. Why reputable network marketing companies don’t focus on this is because the hobbyist deserves the right to earn money for their family any way they can, and the professional network marketer often runs what is called a “farm” of business ventures to maximize exposure and generate income in synergy with their companies.

The company should be at least 20 years old.

I know some people find this laughable, but think about it. There’s more to a sound business than a charismatic leader and unproven promises. If you are going to invest time and money and also sacrifice parts of your life to build a business, don’t you want to know the company has a proven track record? Also: beware the companies that are less than 5-10 years old that are actually another company that previously closed its doors due to lawsuits or investigation. (Yes, it happens more than you could possibly imagine.)

The company should be a member of the Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association (DSA).

While these organizations aren’t perfect, they do have standards that create accountability for companies. A company that doesn’t even qualify for minimum standards for both of these agencies (especially the DSA) should be crossed off your checklist.

Everyone in the company should pay the same price for their products with no discounts offered to anyone based on performance, no matter what.

Why should someone who is just getting started in the company have to pay more for whatever products that company sells than the people “at the top” who are making substantially more than at the bottom? Isn’t that a little reversed? Top performers ought to pay what customers are paying.

Compensation should be a worthwhile percentage of each item.

The first time someone buys a product from Life Force through you (and you are on your autoship), you get 55% of the company’s profits (BV) for that items/those items. Every time that person reorders product through you, you get 20%, 30%, or 45% of the company’s profits from their reorder.

Training should be turnkey and simple.

If you are going to be telling other people about your products and business opportunity, you ought to be able to do it the way you were trained–and your training ought to have been easy to replicate.

Company representatives and corporate employees should be accessible to all people.

This is something that is different from big corporations and one of the things that makes this industry really satisfying. If the “corporate” part of the company is only available through the upline, doesn’t that seem fishy? Shouldn’t customers be able to go around their representative with questions if they have reason to?

The company dedicates some profits to charities.

Why is this important? Because it says that the company isn’t just in this for themselves. This will reverberate throughout all its dealings with employees and distributors.

The company shouldn’t have been involved in litigation or under investigation by governmental agencies.

Sad we even have to put this in. But I think it’s really obvious as to why. Your good name is going behind the product and company you are representing. Don’t you want the company to reflect that honesty? Also: take note that some companies close their doors due to lawsuits or investigation and reopen under different names with similar products.

And–just as a side note–the company shouldn’t really be engaged in lawsuit with their competitors, either. Those legal fees will ultimately end up in product prices, and also, what does that say about the attitudes of the leadership of the company?

The products you will represent cannot be obtained easily through other channels, nor at a better price.

As of this writing, there is a home business opportunity selling a type of natural health product that you can clean with, use on your feet for health conditions, inhale for health conditions, and even take internally for preventive wellness care. We have watched over the last especially 4 years as the main company selling these type of product has split and is now two different companies (who are actually suing each other). But the real tragedy? This type of product (in the same purity and quality) is easily accessible on Amazon for almost a third of what these companies are charging for their products.

I just don’t see a sustainable, viable business for the reps for these companies in about 2-3 years, because once they catch on (which they are), the marketplace will produce the same products at more economical pricing. I feel really bad for these reps because of the passion they are putting into their businesses to lay a great groundwork, but in a short time, they will start giving their valuable time, training, and experience at their home parties and then the attendees will not be repeat customers because they will try the products, run out and then shop and find something equivalent for much cheaper and then feel a little taken advantage of when they see their final total is in the single digits over what they paid at the party.

The company shouldn’t be a one-product/variation-of-an-original-product wonder.

From a business perspective, diversity is what opens up customers minds. If product x doesn’t interest a prospective customer, then product y might. Also, people are smart and if product x doesn’t interest them, they will know that product x-sub-1 is just a different version of product x. Ask yourself: if this company had to withdrawal their “star” product (and all the things containing the “star” product’s ingredient[s]) from the market, would they have enough other things to fill the void it would create?

The representative training you (your upline) should be someone you can trust and is fully committed to your success.

In legitimate work from home, your upline understands that the more successful you are, the more successful he/she will be and therefore he/she really pours into you all the training and support you need. This is the converse to the typical corporate world and illegitimate MLM. In those places, people above you steal your ideas, compete with you, have no vested interest in you looking good or performing well, and/or simply see you as a dollar sign. We love to help people reach their full potential and know the more you succeed, the more we will succeed.


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