Body Wrap Certification for your Salon, Spa, or Home Business!

  • Have you been wanting to offer Body Wraps but just didn’t know where to start?
  • Do you think offering a Body Wrap has to be complicated, involved, and messy?
  • Get a body wrap certificate in 4 hours at your own business
  • How would you like to be realizing pure profit after only a few wraps? That’s “few” as in as little as 15, not few as in “a few hundred”!
  • Exclusive onsite training so you don’t have to leave your business

So you love the concept of offering wraps to others, but that’s something only big salons and spas can offer, right? Wrong! Or at least not anymore! With our spa set up kit we’ve made everything as simple as 1-2-3! In fact, you will find our training and supplies so thorough that you can give your very first wrap to a customer the minute your training is over!

Here’s why we’re the preferred body wrap certification training. The Herbal Body Wrap Training Certification covers:

  • What Is Detoxification?
  • Why Promote a Body Wrap for Health?
  • Why an Herbal Body Wrap over clay?
  • The Role of Cortisol in Weight Retention and Disease
  • Optimal Wrapping and Sculpting Techniques
  • Sharing Techniques to Assure Your Client Wants to Return Again and Again

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Offering Body Wraps is ideal for these establishments: spas, tanning salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, spray tanning salons, beauty parlors, personal trainers, in-home therapists, and more.
If you have a private room with a therapy table, then you are almost ready to start offering your clients the best detoxification and inch-loss service known.

Our Diamond Spa Certification Package includes:

  • Everything you need to give 36+ Life Force Herbal Body Wraps (4 clients a day). No shopping, no forgotten little things!
  • Prewashed terry wraps altered to the ideal configuration (we know from experience what you need!)
  • A detailed training manual, written from all our experience, training, and education
  • A 4-hour training session which includes education on detoxification, the role of Body Wraps in detoxification, how everyone loses inches with the Life Force Herbal Body Wrap, why you want to use the Life Force International Herbal Body Wrap, and actual administration of the wrap
  • A 100-point certification exam, administered at the end of the training and certificate for display at your point of business
  • Free proprietary lifetime personal consultation for follow up questions about training, solutions, etc.
  • Informational handouts and placards to display for your clients


Just Want to Buy the Body Wrap Formulation Starter Kit?


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Just How Lucrative Is Body Wrapping?

Sure, you want to offer your clients an incredible experience with tremendous health benefits and significant inch loss. But you are running a business (or contemplating starting your own) and have to be concerned about the bottom line.

Considering most businesses hope to recoup investment on a new area of development after 12 months, the area of body wrapping blows all of those expectations away. You could actually start to see a return on your investment in as little as one week. With our proven training program, we take all of the guesswork and mistakes out of getting your business up and running. Prices below are for 1 employee, but group discounts are offered. While not required in most states, please check with your state’s board of cosmetology/regulation to confirm whether you need to have an esthetician, cosmetology, or massage therapy license to administer body wraps.

Gold Platinum Diamond
  • all supplies needed for 24 wraps
  • 30-day unlimited phone consultation services
  • lifetime discount on Herbal Body Wrap
  • Life Force DVD showing how to do a Body Wrap
  • no on-site training
  • no certification


  • all supplies needed for 36+ wraps
  • 60-day unlimited phone consultation services
  • exclusive 30-page manual on detoxification and wrapping
  • cheat sheets and placards
  • lifetime discount on Herbal Body Wrap
  • no on-site training
  • no certification


  • full, on-site, interactive, 4-hour training
  • complete professional certification test administered immediately
  • beautiful certificate for display
  • lifetime unlimited phone consultation and coaching
  • exclusive 30-page manual on detoxification and wrapping
  • all supplies needed for 36+ wraps
  • lifetime discount on Herbal Body Wrap
  • owner trains for free


* Prices are modified depending on what supplies you already have, how many personnel will be training, and what travel expenses are necessary. Call today to get no-obligation information and fine-tuned pricing about certification for you!

1-888-98DETOX (1-888-983-3869)