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Body Balance “Now That I Know” Video

Posted 05/11/16 in Hints for Products | 1 Comment

Do you know what “overabundance malnutrition” is? Do you know why “eating clean” doesn’t answer all of life’s problems? One... View Article

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Life Force International Compensation Plan in 20 Minutes

Posted 07/6/15 in Reputable Network Marketing | 2 Comments

With all of the growth Life Force is experiencing, I get a lot of calls. Most people who have already... View Article

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Nine Minutes to Body Balance (Video)

Posted 02/18/15 in Life Force Products & Your Health | Comments Off on Nine Minutes to Body Balance (Video)

A fantastic video giving a general overview about Body Balance liquid whole food and Life Force International.     Want... View Article

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Body Balance Video Testimonial

Posted 01/28/15 in Life Force Products & Your Health | 3 Comments

Below is a testimonial from an event in October of 2013. In it, a mom tells of the dramatic change... View Article

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