Life Force International Compensation Plan in 20 Minutes

Posted 07/6/15 in [Reputable Network Marketing] | 2 Comments

With all of the growth Life Force is experiencing, I get a lot of calls. Most people who have already been involved in reputable network marketing want to know the comp plan for any new companies they are looking at.

I’ve had this video on the YouTube channel for 3 years now, and with several hundred views, I’m assuming it has been helpful to folks. I thought I would post it here.

This video contains a high level overview of the Life Force comp plan, and it does it in less than 20 minutes. You will see what a customer-focused business looks like, what a business-builder focus looks like, and then a snapshot of what most downlines look like: both customers and business builders together. You will also see why the Direct Selling Association deemed the Life Force Intl. compensation plan one of the most generous in the industry. Please note that no promises or inducements of earnings are being made in this video, although it is stated throughout and printed even more.



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