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Consulting with Vegetarians and Orthorexia

Posted 12/4/15 in Nutrition "Nesaykwa" | Comments Off on Consulting with Vegetarians and Orthorexia

PLEASE NOTE: The following is not all-inclusive advice concerning disordered eating. However, because my passion is to help those struggling... View Article

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An Open Letter to Food Babe

Posted 03/10/14 in Stop the Nutrition Insanity! | 6 Comments

Dear Food Babe, {SIGH} It’s happened again. Someone is scaring the pants off of people regarding food, and it’s you.... View Article

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Patty Perfecteater Fixes Breakfast

Posted 02/24/14 in Nutrition "Nesaykwa" | 3 Comments

Patty Perfecteater is hungry and decides she is finally going to combine all the knowledge she’s acquired from many news... View Article

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