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Encouragement for today--God's got this


Hey Team!

Too many times, we all lose sight of the fact that we walk by faith and not by sight. We can see, feel, hear, and touch so much, and yet this isn’t the only reality God wants us to live in. The reality of faith is also all around us, even though it’s intangible:

  • We don’t think twice about the chair being there as we’re on our way down to sit.
  • We get in the car without giving another thought to arriving at our destination safely.
  • We believe the food we ate last time will taste the exact same way as we remembered.
  • We know we’ll feel love when we kiss our kids goodnight.

These things are faith, too. And you show maturity knowing things will happen because precedence says so. Just keep exercising that faith forward, too.

You know we love you guys…and you know we believe you will achieve what you are capable of dreaming!





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