Life Force International’s Ten (10) Core Commitments

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Dear Team,

Below are the 10 Core Commitments for Life Force International. If you have gone through training with me, we covered these and the deeper psychology behind them. If you’ve ever worked outside the home, you know you have to show commitment to keep that job. Well, the same thought belongs here. The great news is that you are still working on your own terms with great payoff!

  1. Get Started Right
  2. * Use the Getting Started Training (10 step) to make sure your new team member understands the expectations you have
    * Commit to going through this process with every new member, no matter if they’ve done this before, worked another company, are a professional anything. Again, this helps them understand how you will be working with them.

  3. Consistent Daily Action- 2 Exposures A Day (Part Time)
  4. * (Products) Focus on sampling system
    * (Business) Learn the simple 3-step invitation: a) I’ve got something I want to show you; b) It will take about 15 minutes; c) You may or may not be interested/Let’s see if it’s a fit for you

  5. Follow Up
  6. * Commit to following up with your exposures, customers and members using the emails and timetable we discuss

  7. Attend All Local Events and Conference Calls
  8. * Build your local team by gathering regularly
    * For long distance groups, use conference calls and the Internet calls
    * Attend all your upline and company sponsored conference calls

  9. Attend the International/Regional Convention
  10. * Conventions are a huge way to fuel your own and your team’s fire for helping others to great health!

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  11. Build your Core Team
  12. * Gather weekly with your committed core team – coach and support to success
    * Always take their calls in-between–they need you!

  13. Recognize Advancements
  14. * Offer immediate and specialized recognition for every advancement (new levels earned, bonuses, and hard customers now ordering) in your team via announcements in meetings, on your team’s Facebook page and more

  15. Practice Daily Personal Development (20 minutes per day)
  16. * What’s the use in earning great money if you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt?
    * Healthy people attract healthy people

  17. Write Your Business Vision and Review it Daily
  18. Have definitive long-term and short term goals. Write your vision statements in the present tense as though the goals were already achieved. You just have to make it to your next short term goal.

  19. Be Here in One Year!
  20. If you’re in a long-term family relationship, you know you are in it even when there are bumps and twists. You have to expect the same for anything worth having. If you make your commitment up front to try it for a year, you will have that to keep you going when disappointments, distractions, and turnabouts happen

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