Why Aren’t People Believing Me?

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I have been working hard for three months to tell people about Body Balance and Life Force. I have had such great results in my own life and in the lives of my family with Body Balance. Some people are going off their autoships. I know I haven’t been following up like you taught me to, but I still wonder why people aren’t having the results I had and why people aren’t believing me? Are they being sold on the idea, or on the product?

This is a fantastic question, because it gets at the crux of what critics of Network Marketing say about people who join Network Marketing companies. They state, among other things, that it’s merely a placebo effect, and you just have to believe a product works to make it work.

I need to clarify here that my downline member who asked this question had a close family member taking Body Balance and the Benew Weight Loss system who was about as cynical and skeptical as he/she could be. They declared before they even spent a nickel that they were going to return the products with the 90-day money back guarantee if they didn’t work, period. This person even got bloodwork done before beginning to consume the products to see what impact the Body Balance and BeNew would have on the conditions for which they were taking medication.

The results for this customer were stupendous. Medications were reduced and/or discontinued. A sizeable amount of Questions my Life Force business downline ask meweight has been lost and continues. This person has become a great spokesperson for Life Force products.

And yes, some of this downline member’s customers have seen no impact on their lives and have gone off the products. This is normal attrition and should be expected and always told to downline members in reputable network marketing.

Really, there are two questions needing addressed: 1) what is the #1 thing any of my downline members in my organization can do to be more effective in their business?, and 2) is legitimate network marketing really just a whole bunch of sheeple deluded into thinking something works, but it doesn’t? And, I’ve got answers.

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I’m going to answer the first question, and it is going to seem to prove the MLM critics’ point, so keep reading after this paragraph: More than anything else, you need to build your belief about Life Force as a company and Body Balance and the other Life Force products. You need to get back to why you started sharing about this, and remember your own testimony about when you started the products. You need to look at the data you have collected from all the people you have helped. You need to remember the bloodwork from your customer, and when they called you almost crying that they didn’t have to take medication X, Y, or Z anymore. Or what the mother of the autistic son said. Or how your loved one physically made a meaningful, positive health reversal that has benefited him/her and made their quality of life better. You need to remember that all of this wonderfulness happened because you opened your mouth and told them about Body Balance, told them about how the 90-day guarantee is basically a free trial, and because you asked them to try it to see if it was a fit for them. You did that. YOU made someone’s world better. I can give you all the tools in the world and teach you scripts until your voice is hoarse, but if you don’t believe that Body Balance is a game-changer and that everyone in the world needs to be on it, all you are is seller of some seaweed-aloe stuff. And life is so much more than that.

So before the critics of reputable multi-level marketing get their knickers in a twist, I would like to state that no, legitimate network marketing isn’t just a whole bunch of naive, deluded people dreaming of getting rich quick by lying to others to get them to become distributors with their company, and if you read the paragraph above, you will see why. Because, with legitimate companies, there is both quantifiable reputable data and anecdotal evidence to back up what is happening in the consumer’s life.

It never fails to amaze me how critics are quick to judge an idea by its abstraction over what that idea has actually birthed. Have you ever heard of Dr. Robin Warren and Professor Barry Marshall? These guys had the audacity to believe ulcers were the caused by a bacteria called H pylori, and not because the suffering person simply didn’t know how to handle stress. There had been other people in the past who had observed this link, but they just stopped pursuing it when the critics of the abstract idea got too loud. Thankfully, these two believed, then believed some more, then tried self-experimentation, then kept letting the what their idea birthed come to fruition with tangible data and anecdotal evidence. Sound familiar?

By the way, because they believed, they got this little thing called a Nobel Prize, and changed the quality of life for a whole lot of people who were in desperate circumstances. Sound even more familiar?

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