What to Look for in a Life Force Business Builder

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Hi Team!

ANYONE can build a Life Force International Business. ANYONE. Organized or unorganized. Outgoing or shy. Charismatic or stoic. Old or young. Over the years I have discovered something that I hope will save you time when you are looking for people who could join our team.

The people I have worked with in the last 8 years who have made excellent income from their Life Force business are different personalities, but they all have common characteristics:

  1. They understand there is work involved in making the money, but enjoy the work and/or are willing to do that work to achieve their income goals.
  2. They understand they actually have to talk to people face-to-face and on the phone, but enjoy that sort of thing and/or are willing to do that to achieve their income goals.
  3. They are kind and treat other people the way they want to be treated.
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  5. They will devote at least a little time every single week to working this business (taking a vacation, too!), and they will commit to attending and organizing events especially after they have active downline.
  6. They ask for help and follow directions exactly–especially in the first year–but don’t expect their upline to do the work for them.

Really! That’s it. Give me someone with at least 3 of these personality traits, and they will enjoy monthly income to give them spare cash. Give me someone with all five? Well, then, the sky’s the limit!

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