Using Your New Member Pack to Generate Leads

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Believe it or not, you can totally use the New Member Pack you receive in your first shipment to generate orders and leads for your new Life Force business! Here is how to do that:

You will receive an information packet in your first shipment when you register as a member. It’s usually a 5×7 packet of information that has a welcome letter, a DVD, a catalog, and a brochure. A great first step is to review all of this material to familiarize yourself with the company.

A great second step is to put your name, telephone number, and the website on the DVD and catalog. Then, I encourage you to LEND (not give!) people either of them by saying something like this (you make it David-y): “Hey Jane, I remember you were telling me about (state the health condition Jane was talking about). I recently got involved with a company who has been working with people who has your condition and people have gotten results from taking their products. If you’re interested, I’d like to lend you this (catalog/DVD) which tells you more about it, and you can read testimonials from people who have had great results at this website address (point to website address under your contact info). But, right now I only have this one (DVD/catalog), so I can only lend it for a couple days. Would you like to take it to look at it?”

If she declines, you say, “Okay, great! I appreciate you being honest with me. I know there are others I’m going to be talking to about this, so I appreciate you keeping these freed up for them.”

You do this for three reasons:

  1. you show Jane you respect her enough to know her own mind,
  2. you communicate to her this is valuable information you are sharing with her,
  3. you communicate to her that you are serious about this new pursuit.

All three of these things are building a foundation so you can go back to Jane in the future and ask her again to try Body Balance (or any other Life Force product) for 90 days.

If she accepts, you say, “Wonderful! As I said, I actually only have these right now, so I’d like to pick these up from you (state time in 48 hours). Can we talk then? I’m going to ask you 2 questions then: What did you like about it? and What product has you most interested and why? Then, you let Jane work out a time and you ask her those two questions, and you then tell her about Body Balance (or the product she talks about when she answers your questions) and then say, “and with Life Force, they have a 90-day money back guarantee, so you can try the product out like a free trial for 90 days and see for yourself the difference it makes. Would you like to place your order today?”

You do this for three reasons:

  1. you show Jane you value her time and your own time enough to let her know what she can expect,
  2. you communicate to her the extraordinary ability to have a free trial with the products, (she pays for each month on autoship, but if she sends back the empty bottles within 90 days, she gets 100% of her purchase price refunded)
  3. you ask her for a decision, communicating your respect for her to be able to think for herself, and that you’re not a smarmy, yucky person who sees her for a dollar sign.

So, that’s a way you can get started right away. It is probably best, if you are willing, to set up a weekly call with you that lasts about 30 minutes so I can help you tailor-make your business into just what you want it to be. Do you have a regular time slot that works best for you? If so, let’s set that up!

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