Two Keys to Talking About the Life Force Business

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Hi Team,

Had a signup this week from someone who is eager to be on the products because of personal health issues, but sees the viability of the business side as well and wants to take advantage of it. We had some great email exchanges first, and then we finally were able to touch base via phone.

You all have received this email from me in one form or another, but I thought the concepts here bear repeating. It’s not that it’s not work to earn money, but it IS simple to speak with people. So, for your own encouragement and education….

(Some information has been changed for privacy reasons.)


Hi Xxxxxxx,

I just got the confirmation that your initial order is placed, and wanted to thank you again for calling to touch base. You can start telling people about the products and company now! Just to recap what we talked about:


  1. People love stories.
  2. People want solutions to their problems.

When you put those two together, you will find that it is fairly easy to talk to people about this company and the products. For instance, you told me a story and presented a solution to a problem I might have when you Earn Money with Life Forcecontacted me (this is from your contact form):

Thank you so much for your reply. To answer the most important of your questions, I have not bought any products in the last 12 months. I did many years ago and started looking up LFI when I finally became highly motivated to improve my health. My [spouse] is in remission from cancer and I am battling diabetes and so I am hoping to improve the healthy food intake for the both of us.

You told me how you know about the products and what your current health situation is, then you told me how you are solving it. Right away, anyone who has diabetes, or a loved one with cancer, or wanting to improve their health (and those are probably our top 3 customers for the products!) can relate to your story.

Sometimes, I will have a friend who tells me they want to stay at home with their kids but they need just a little extra income each month to make that happen. Well, they told me a story and told me their need. So, I tell them my story that I was in the same situation 8 years ago and found Life Force and now I don’t just have a “little extra” each month, I have 🙂 more than a “little.”


Always “trade” your product or business information for a contact number and time to contact. When a person knows you are going to follow up with them, they actually 1) read/listen/watch what you gave them, 2) tell you up front if they are interested or not, thus saving you time. Also, many times I tell people that I am loaning them the CD or DVD so they understand this tool has value to me and therefore they start thinking it must be worth reading/listening to/watching. And it does! These products have really been helping a lot of people for almost 30 years. I have personally witnessed A1C counts going down, allergy medications being thrown away, migraine medicine sit on the shelf instead of being reached for. That’s a lot of stories. You have said you wish a DVD. I will be sending you a master copy of the “From the Depths of the Ocean” for you to copy and give out, and there are more videos here to look at and download as you feel you can help others:

[my contact info]


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