Top 3 Newbie Mistakes in Your Life Force Network Marketing Business

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After 10 years of building my downline through being a Life Force International distributor, I have started to see some patterns develop that even the most well-intentioned people make. I know that when I started my Life Force business, I was sure I was the very first person to ever build a downline in the way that I did, and I would be different. Thankfully, I have eaten my piece of humble pie, and I have helped others not repeat the time-consuming and expensive mistakes I made when I was trying to do it all by myself. I thought I would share the top 3 with you:Life Force International couple

  1. Not working on Belief: I put this first, because it is the first priority for your home-based business. Anyone working their Life Force business has to believe in the power of these products, and they have to believe in the power of reputable network marketing, and they have to believe in the power of the Life Force International compensation plan. You do not need to be a personality that gushes; you have to be a person who is standing on the fact that you know that you need to take these products for your own health, and know others need to do so as well. You need to understand and be ready to share about your belief and be convicted you are automatically helping people and making the world a better place by having people try these products and work the business.
  2. Not having a “lottery” or “Get Rich Quick” mentality: While reputable network marketing is the great equalizer–because any background, schooling, culture, religion, experience can do it if they are determined to see it through–it is not about quick, easy money. I repeat, people do not back up your driveway with the tractor trailer and begin to unload wheelbarrows full of money into your home in reputable network marketing. Yes, I am a professional network marketer, and I am stating this upfront (and if someone is trying to tell you otherwise, run away from them as fast as you can, because you are simply a particle of dust in their predatory vacuum of [not much] moneymaking). Reputable network marketing requires work. It’s fun work, it doesn’t seem like work to many, but it still involves work. Which leads me to our last point…
  3. Not Doing The Stuff: if you are on my team, you have heard me say those three little words over and over and over. You have to do the stuff of your Life Force business in order to help people in their health and in their finances. We discuss what this “stuff” is in our one-on-one calls and training sessions. But, you still have to do it. A great analogy for this is one I heard at a Life Force leader training seminar: if someone gave you a bucket of 100 oysters and told you that they guaranteed in those hundred oysters was a pearl, would you shuck the oysters, even if your hands got messy and even if it took you some time to do it? Of course you would! A guaranteed pearl just from a little bit of time and mess to shuck oysters? Sounds like a win to me! Getting started in Life Force is not hard, especially with the training you will receive on the Simple Sample System. However, you actually have to do the stuff of what you learned in training to reap the reward.

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