Timing of BeNew Metabolism Booster

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Why do you recommend taking the Natural Metabolism Booster specifically 20 minutes before you eat? Why do the directions on the Metabolism Booster not have a time interval (like 20 minutes) listed, but just simply say “before eating”?QuestionMarkImage

Short answer: 20 minutes is the ideal situation, not a requirement.

Longer answer: I counsel people to do the 20 minutes to squeeze out the extra benefits of the product. In a healthy individual, the normal cycle of satiation takes about 20 minutes after you begin eating. The 20 minute timetable allows the body to react naturally to the foods in the Metabolism Booster, encouraging the body to suppress the ghrelin [GRELL-in] (what makes you feel hungry) and encourage leptin (the hormone which tells the brain you’re full) production. Your body will react that way no matter when you take it, but if it’s 20 minutes before you sit down to eat your meal, you are jump starting your body to tell you 1) you’re not as hungry, and 2) you are fuller, faster.

What I tell folks is no sweat in forgetting it. If you do, then just get it in you so it can help your body do what it was created to do. And remember, this is simply using FOOD to help your body do what it is designed to do…not drugs or products that deny the body what it needs. It’s just so great…

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