My Personal Practice Approach as a Nutritionist

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Most people who come to me are in crisis. They have had a wake-up call with a health condition, they are enduring a chronic disease, they need to lose weight, they are in pain, they have an unhealthy relationship with food, or they are unsure of how to let food improve their quality of life.

They are also emotionally tired. It has been a long time, and they just don’t know what to do anymore. My personal belief tells me we are all on a journey through life, one that has many different seasons to it, and the most satisfied clients I have realize I am along for a portion of that journey. Sometimes with my clients, I am merely planting seeds and educating them in the three wellness areas. Sometimes, I am watering seeds already planted and helping them grow. And sometimes, I get to watch the harvest as change occurs and greater hope and freedom are achieved. I don’t know what role I will play in your journey, but I will walk with you until you feel the season is over.

I find it best to tell my clients up front what I believe and stand for, so there is no confusion if I end up counseling something they do not believe. Therefore, please know the following:

  • I offer my counsel using concepts from the Christian Bible. I do not require my clients to be Christians, nor to convert to my belief system.
  • I believe in addressing the source of problems, not the symptoms of problems. Sometimes, I will get blogsymptoms to go away first so we can address the source.
  • I believe most people on this planet need Body Balance organic liquid whole food vitamins and minerals, because of the soils which supply our food no longer having ideal mineral balance in them as they once did.
  • I believe if your cells get what they need, they have an enormous capacity to reverse their condition and the body will heal itself. There are many variables which impact how well they can reverse course, including: how long they have been in their condition, what their environment has been, what genetic hand you have been dealt, etc.
  • I believe that medicine is necessary for the treatment of some ailments, and sometimes for life. If I believe your life is in danger, or permanent damage to your body will occur if you do not take a medication, I will tell you that, including antibiotics or long-term prescriptions. Sometimes, Nutrition and herbals cannot fix everything, but they usually greatly improve the quality of life if you must take medications, and often you have to take less medication if your body is stronger because of great health that comes from nutrition and exercise.
  • My stance on vaccinations varies on the health condition and environment you are in. We are blessed to live in the United States, where herd immunity allows us much protection. However, if a disease will likely kill you if you contract it, permanently maim you, or create extreme financial hardship for your family if you contract it, I support that vaccination once you are healthy enough and at an appropriate age to receive that vaccination. I do not endorse vaccinations for illnesses which cause only inconvenience.

If you do not feel you can work with me because of any of these statements, please contact me ASAP.

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