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Did you just purchase OsteOmegaCare liquid calcium, Vitamin D3, glucosamine, and more? You are about to give your body a daily serving of chelated, ionic calcium that is going to address whatever need you have in this area. In addition, every serving will provide you with 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3, glucosamine, and 14 other essential elements to help you thrive while providing the complementary values needed for optimum calcium absorption.

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Please read the label instructions and follow them. What is written here doesn’t replace them. Here are some additional quick tips to help, though:

  1. Before the first use, invert the bottle and shake vigorously for 60 seconds.
  2. Shake well before each use.
  3. Keep OsteOmegaCare in your refrigerator and not on the counter. You are preserving the omega fatty acids by doing so.
  4. For the first several servings, take OsteOmegaCare WITH FOOD, twice per day. Because of the premium alkalyzing nature of this supplement, it will change your body’s pH within 20 minutes of taking it and the extra food ensures no stomach problems occur in those with sensitive systems. Also, if your mealtimes are regular, you know you won’t miss a serving.
  5. Unless we have discussed a different amount, always take 1 tablespoon twice per day.
  6. Some people prefer to store the bottle on its side for easier shaking or storage in the fridge. Just make sure your cap is screwed on well.
  7. Some people prefer to mix their serving with milk, in a smoothie, or in their tea or coffee. This is completely acceptable, as no nutrient degradation will occur.

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