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Since I am often asked about the assays of each product, or other quality questions about the manufacturing of Life Force products in their San Diego, California facility, I thought I would reprint their quality statement from December 2010. Remember, Life Force was Good Manfacturing Practices certified with the Food and Drug Administration long before it was even on the radar for the FDA to require it from supplement companies–they are that committed to quality:

Life Force products have been synonymous with quality since 1984. To achieve the highest quality, we start with the best ingredients and maintain high standards for the people and processes that go into making the final product.

We adhere to strict safety and quality standards known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMPs are guidelines regulated by the FDA that outline practices to ensure the safety and integrity of the product.

Manufacturing our products in-house allows us to control quality from the moment raw materials (ingredients) arrive at the warehouse to the time finished products are shipped to your home.

Raw Material Quality Monitoring

Life Force chooses to use only non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism) ingredients. All raw materials are purchased from pre-qualified vendors and ordered to meet the Life Force International logospecifications for our proprietary product formulas. Incoming raw materials are required to be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) detailing the potency and quality testing performed by the raw material manufacturer.

Upon arrival, the raw material packaging and the delivery truck are inspected prior to the material shipment being accepted. Once received, the raw material is placed in Quarantine and lot numbers are recorded for each ingredient in order to allow for traceability throughout the manufacturing process. We then begin our four part inhouse testing. This includes (1) organoleptic (appearance, aroma, taste), (2) analytical, (3) microbiological, and (4) identification testing.

If the raw material meets our specifications in all four testing areas, it is then released from Quarantine and placed into the raw material inventory. The raw material may then be used in the production of a finished product.

Finished Product Quality Monitoring

After ingredients are weighed and the lot numbers are recorded, the finished product is batched and blended in the mixing tank. We then perform organoleptic and analytical testing on the batch before bottling. Only product that meets specifications may be bottled.

During the bottling process, representative samples are collected for additional organoleptic and analytical testing. If the product again passes, it is placed into finished product Quarantine. Retained samples are also taken as an historical representation of the batch and kept for one (1) year beyond the shelf-life of the product. Once in finished product Quarantine, we begin the in-house microbiological testing, and send the product out for third party testing. Lastly, a final identification test is performed. When the product has met every specification, it is then released and made available for shipment to our Members and Customers.

Life Force pays close attention to supply and demand for the products. Producing our products in house allows Life Force flexibility in the supply – when we need more product, we make more. By producing only the amount needed, the product does not sit on a shelf waiting to be shipped and we are able to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.

Protection of Proprietary Formulas

Through our monitoring and testing processes, we are able to ensure that you receive the highest quality products made with only non-GMO ingredients. As a final measure of quality, Life Force is committed to protecting the proprietary formulas for each product. For this reason you will not see the amount of every ingredient within a product included on the label. By preserving these formulas, we can guarantee the integrity of each product you order.

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