Life Force Body Balance and Similarity

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My daughter struggles with a sort of “opposite” effect with medications and other things she takes. If she takes an antihistamine, it wires her up. If she drinks coffee, it makes her drowsy. I’m concerned the Body Balance will cause some sort of negative effect in her body as well. In fact, when she dips a piece of bread in the Body Balance to give to her dog, she gets weak and her fingers get inflamed.

Okay, first I want to clarify that Body Balance is not a medication. It is a liquid whole food dietary supplement. Your daughter could try what homeopaths call “similarity.” Her ultra-sensitivity symptoms might be a cellular response to them being overly-sensitized due to a combination of factors. I believe you that she cannot even touch the Body Balance. I also know Body Balance has excellent nutrients like trace and ultratrace minerals, but we have to get her able to take it. If she would really like to take it, she could choose to spend 6 months doing the following (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page):

She needs to start with one DROP of Body Balance rubbed into her inner thigh near the knee, once per day for a week. If she has a reaction, she waits 72 hours and starts again. Once she has gone one week with no reaction, she puts the DROP into her mouth under her tongue and lets it sit there for 30 seconds. She does this for one week, with the same restrictions. Then, it’s two drops for one week, and so on, until she’s hit a Tablespoon. She does the tablespoon for 3 weeks, then 2 Tablespoons for 2 weeks, then 3 for 2 weeks, on up to 8 Tablespoons. She is then taking the regular serving of Body Balance (4 ounces). CAVEAT: SHE MUST NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS!! She will get to a point with the drops that she’s like, “I haven’t had a reaction and can it really make a difference if I just do an extra drop now?” and she cannot do that! We want her to be tuned into her body and how it is reacting to the SeaNine™ and organic aloe vera of the supplement.

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