Isn’t Network Marketing a Scam?

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I read all the stuff from people citing statistics about Network Marketing, and how they are simply scam artists and all that, and I don’t want to be associated with those sorts of people. They characterize those involved in it from malicious schemers to deceived patsys. You don’t seem like either. Can you clarify?

There are totally terrible people who scam people with disreputable Network Marketing. After seeing my husband’s family members not achieve much with their expedition into Network Marketing, I felt that just confirmed my suspicions.

I started taking Body Balance and had a noticeable change in my life. So, I went on autoship and when the lady told me I could earn money by referring people to it, I responded with a polite No, thank you. Then, as I met the top earners with Life Force Life Force worked with people in Life Force who aren’t top earners but they earn the same as a “linear income” salary each year, I realized something really significant: they were (for the most part) really nice, sincere, truthful, caring, passionate, kind, helpful, and generous people. Except for a couple of them (who are no longer with the company), to a “T” they were the type of people I enjoyed being around, felt safe with, and were the furthest thing from hucksters I’ve ever known. And they were making their businesses work by the passion Body Balance and other Life Force products was creating by seeing it work over and over in their own lives and in the lives of others. I came to realize that was the sort of life I wanted others to really live. I wanted to connect people to something that could put quality back into their days. And then, I realized that SOME of the people (not all, but some) taking my products actually wanted to hear about making Plan B income. I had made the self-centered mistake that because I had a bias against MLM, that meant everyone had the bias I had. So, I started saying, “Since you are on autoship, I’ll just let you know that for no extra money, there’s a way to earn some money with telling others.” And guess what happened? Some people responded with “Oh really? Tell me.”

I have since realized that the people who are really earning money with any MLM aren’t wasting their time reading blogs, forum discussions, or websites which are against MLM and Network Marketing. They are spending that time building their businesses. They don’t have time for that stuff, because it’s a waste of their time to do so…they are looking straight ahead to their goal of getting people healthier and earning money and helping others earn money.

A good analogy is my faith. I respect people of any faith that isn’t based on hate and the practice of it doesn’t require people to do self-centered, hateful things. Even if someone wants their salvation to be centered on worshipping the Geico Gecko, so be it. I believe Jesus is whom He said He was. I have stopped wasting my time trying to tell people why I believe they are wrong. I just live it, getting closer to God every day. And people know there is something different about me. They realize my faith has made me into a person who genuinely cares about their eternal destination as well as their life today. They ask me stuff. They listen to my responses. I could go to any online website and read that Christians are horrid, ugly, judgemental people, but I don’t, because I know it’s not true. It is not my personal life experience, nor of the other Christians I meet. Why should I waste my time arguing with some anonymous person who likely has had a bad experience with some Christians who weren’t really living the way Christ asks us to live, when I could be interacting with real people I meet and can interact with and bless them by being an example of Christ to them?

Not that Network Marketing and my faith are the same thing, because they are not. However, this is the same way I do my Network Marketing business. Why should I waste my time arguing with some person who likely has had a bad experience with some Network Marketers or MLM company who weren’t really doing reputable Network Marketing, when I could be interacting with real people I meet and can interact with and bless them by seeing if Life Force is a fit for them?

Those of us who “get it,” affiliate ourselves with a reputable, fair company, and who do the stuff everyday are the ones who achieve our goals.

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