How to Start Up a Prospective Life Force Business Builder

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Hi Team!

Usually, when someone contacts me through, I simply call them at the time they specified and introduce myself and see where they are in their information gathering. If I determine they are interested and would be a good fit for our team, I send them an email that has this information. If you have worked your way up on my team that you are making these calls, please make sure you follow up your contacts with this information.

Hi _____________,

Thanks for talking with me today. I am sending that information I promised you…

  • Here are websites to explore for more information: (testimonial site) and (47 minute powerpoint that is an overview of Body Balance and the company).
  • An excellent website to familiarize yourself with the products is: It summarizes all the Life Force product line and tells health benefits.
  • The company website is Your replicating site will look like this one, and you will log into your back office at This isn’t set up for you yet.
  • A great website to help you get more information from top earners in Life Force is:
  • Information about the weight loss system is

The most popular questions folks have are:
Are there any startup fees?
What does the company offer me to get started?
What is the compensation plan, and how do I get paid?
Do I have to meet quotas?

  1. Startup fees: There are no startup, membership, or hidden fees to begin your Life Force business. The company asks that you do take their products, which you would want to do if you are going to be marketing them. There are a great number of people who simply begin taking the products on the automatic monthly delivery program (autoship) program, refer people to the company, and make money by their referrals becoming customers or joining the company themselves.
  2. Startup tools: The company offers some great tools (for free!) to get you started. You can find this under the “My Tools” section in your back office, when you are live as a business builder (member). You can also purchase other brochures, testimonial papers, DVDs, etc., and I will have that information for you if you choose. I also personally like to provide my downline members with some tools right off the bat, which will be in the package I send you after we figure out how you want to personalize your business.
  3. Getting paid on the compensation plan: The one-of-the-best-rated-comp-plans-by-the-Direct-Selling-Association can still be shared with people in 30 seconds: “If you yourself are on an A3 autoship for you and your family and someone else buys what you are, you’ll get $55 and then $42.50 every month afterwards.” Simply said and easy to understand (and your prospect is constantly checking to see if they could do what you are doing…and this allows them to see they could share about the comp plan, even if they don’t understand it). Further, it starts a conversation for some, who say, “Wait a minute, $55=55%, but $42.50=45%?” I’ll teach you what to say after that…
  4. Again–this is too much detail already, and it doesn’t do justice to the compensation plan! The Direct Selling Association of America only allows 10% of network marketing companies enter their organization. This is because they have a stringent evaluation process that all companies must score high on. Life Force came in at the top of the scale for their evaluation, and was rated as the most generous compensation plan in the industry. Sixty cents ($0.60!) of every dollar of profit the company makes is returned to their sales force.
  5. You do not have any “quotas” to meet in order to receive money. Life Force is adamant about this. You earned this money by doing the work, so it’s your money, no matter how much you sell.
  6. I have found that most people who don’t know about Life Force products will try them because of the company’s 90-day money back guarantee. Ninety days!

Come here from a search engine and want to see if we’re a fit to work together? Contact me here…

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