Helping Others in Network Marketing: Guilt Vs. Gratitude

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Hi Team,

I was planting some flowers in my porch planters yesterday, all while negotiating some pain from a back issue I’ve been working on. My thoughts turned to gratitude for my strength to be able to plant, the woman down the street who sells annuals every year at a discount, the satisfaction of making something bare look pretty, and the enjoyment of knowing the planting is just the start of something more beautiful. It got me thinking about things other than my pain, which was a good thing.

As I was tipping the bucket to water one of the freshly planted geraniums, I had one of those thoughts that many people get (and strike without warning), “All this fresh, potable water being used to water a pretty plant when there are so many people in the Third World just dying for drinkable water.” And I did what every red-blooded, kind, responsible human being would do: I started feeling guilty. I mean, I have so much fresh water to drink that I can literally dump some on a plant that won’t even be alive in 4 months. How could I be so selfish and heartless? Gratitude to Guilt in 2.7 seconds. Man, I’m good!

Thankfully, I started to have another thought right away. I started to think about how my gratitude motivates me to act. How, when I’m full of knowing how truly blessed I am in all aspects of my life, I naturally want to Geraniums and Network Marketingshare that with others. How it’s out of the overflow of what gets put in me that people are most touched and most pointed to the Filler—who isn’t me, by the way. And how it is a self-perpetuating, upward spiral. The satisfaction I get from helping someone spurs me on to help the next person, but because the cost is from overflow, I just keep getting filled from my own disciplines and the overflow goes where it needs to help because I know I just want to help people. So I put it out there, and God gets the help most efficiently where it needs to go.

When I work out of a guilt response, I tend to get less beneficial work done because I feel so awful about myself. The guilt logic, taken to its ultimate conclusion, means the focus of the work is actually about me feeling better about myself rather than the person I’m trying to help. Also, it makes me think that I am the Savior, here to protect them, and keeps me from realizing there are things I don’t realize are being worked to help them even more than I can. And mostly, it is draining because I am trying to manufacture energy, care and compassion to keep going from the source of guilt, not from an overflow streaming out from me.

I think you get the picture. As someone earning money through reputable network marketing, I encourage you to remember that if you live, eat, and breathe this business, you will become one dimensional and only be able to give out from whatever you manufacture. Live your life…be grateful…work from a place of helping others. Remember that we are a part of a company who is equally committed to making the world a better place from Body Balance and other organic and natural liquid whole food products and the home business opportunity.

If you are interested in finding a Life Force International business sponsor, feel free to contact me here and let’s see how I can help you figure out what you want from a reputable work at home opportunity.

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