Having a Second Position with Life Force

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I wanted to see if we can discuss the advice on how the speaker in the May 26, 2015 training (call is on SoundCloud, and you can write me for the link) has built his business by placing members on his front line and customers on his 2nd line to maximize the compensation plan. I would like to make sure that I fully understand what his recommendation is. He really starts getting into it around 20 minutes into the call. Whenever you have time, can you listen to this call (or at least the last 15 minutes of the call) so I can understand what he is advising and why?

This is a terrific, informative training! When you originally wrote this question, I figured there was something I was missing in that putting people in a second level to earn more money isn’t statistically possible. (For example, if I started to move all my active customers under you, I would cut my percentage from earning 45% to earning 10%–that is a sizable deficit which would be hard to make up). Then the email came out about the second position now being open to any pin level. [On June 10, 2015, Life Force changed their Policies and Procedures #6 to state there was no longer a pin level qualification to start your second position. If you want to start out right away with a second position, that is now acceptable.] So, the pieces started falling into place once I started listening to the call.

One of the absolutely stellar things about the Life Force International compensation plan is that it is possible and a proven, common reality that people in your downline can earn more in their monthly checks than you do. This is what is part of making it a reputable comp plan. (In a binary earning plan, this is MUCH harder to do.) The way to start qualifying for extra bonuses and higher earning in Life Force is to make Platinum and work your organization up to having 6 legs who have Platinums and Diamonds. (But still, someone who is Silver or Gold can financially earn more than a Platinum. I need to keep saying this for what I’m getting to.)

What the speaker on the call is correctly saying is that you do reach a point where it is easier to control one leg of your earning, and you do this by a second position that you place customers under. Right now, I earn 55% on every customer’s first month purchase, and then 45% on every month thereafter. If I have a second position where I blog20150611put those customers, I earn 55% on every customer’s first month purchase, but I end up earning 10% more–totaling 55%–on every customer’s purchase thereafter. A sample breakdown is this:

WITHOUT SECOND POSITION: Jane Doe buys a 4-pack of Body Balance as a customer from my original account. I earn $33 (55%) from her first month. I earn $27 (45%) each month thereafter. After one year, I have earned in total: $33 + 11($27) = $33 + $297 = $330. **

WITH SECOND POSITION: Jane Doe buys a 4-pack of Body Balance as a customer from me. I earn $33 (55%) from her first month on my original account, but she is under my second position.
My original account earns $6 (10%) each month thereafter.
My second position earns $27 (45%) each month thereafter.

After one year I have earned on my first position: $33 + 11($6) = $33 + $66 = $99.
After one year I have earned on my second position: $0 + 11($27) = $0 + $297 = $297.
In total, I have earned $99 + $297 = $396**

Now, $66 additional income from having a second position might not seem like much for one person, but what if you have 10 people under that second position? That’s $660 more you are earning just from having a second position. That’s more than a car payment and likely a rent payment. And if you have 30 customers, that’s $1,980 additional income you are earning from just that second position. That’s a nice house payment, more than a part-time job, etc. additional income to your first position.

So, the real thing I mentioned in yesterday’s bulk email to my downline is when it’s ideal to do this. You have to be willing to lay out the cost of the autoship for the second position, so you have to do your own cost benefit analysis of when to do this. It actually may benefit you right now to not have your second position, because of your earnings. Once I made the Gold pin level and knew we could consider it, we started kicking this around. This is why I am incredibly happy for the change, because now movers and shakers (like you) can consider this earlier.

And not to harp on this, but what I wrote above is exactly why one of the Life Force 10 Core Commitments is to Be here in one year. Life Force International is not a Get-Rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate, highly profitable business model for people who want to work it and do the stuff, day after day, no matter how they feel, no matter what happens. You can see from my numbers how those who stay in it benefit over time far more than the people who simply give it a whirl for 4 months or so.


** Please Note: While the dollar figures cited above are actual amounts of commissions earned by a distributor who is at an A3 level who enrolls a customer who buys a 4 pack of Body Balance, they are not meant as an inducement, promise, guarantee or prediction of income of any kind. Many variables can impact these earnings, including and not limited to the return of the product by the customer, the cancellation of the order by the customer, no scheduled autoship being continued, and more. No income claims, promises, predictions or guarantees are made of any kind. This is an informational example only which is not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. If you join our Life Force team, we are not saying you will make money, because you are the only person who decides if they want to do the work needed or not, just as you are the only person who decides if you want to go to a daily job, eat a piece of cake, or watch a movie. All I am doing in this blog post and anywhere else on the site which shows examples like this is answering a question I received from someone concerning something they heard about one of Life Force’s Policies and Procedures. I don’t know how to make it any more clear that I am not promising anything about anyone’s earnings.

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