Half Empty or Half Full?

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I still remember my brother, Kevin, asking me if I was an optimist or pessimist? Since I could barely pronounce either, I asked what he meant. He got a cup from the cupboard, put some water in it, and set it on the counter. “So Carolyn,” he said, pointing to the liquid, “is this cup half empty or half full?”

He wouldn’t let me pick “both,” so I finally selected “half full,” and voila! An optimist was born!

Glass is always full

I certainly can be snarky with my close friends when I’m blowing off steam, but overall, I do try to look for the best in people, give the benefit of the doubt, and look for what good there is in undesirable life circumstances. And, as annoying as I am to those who aren’t that way, I try to steer clear of people who are constantly (key word, there) looking to tear down someone, automatically assume someone is wrong, and walk by sight and not by faith.

However, the more I’ve grown in this exercise and choice, the more I’ve realized another dimension to the optimist/pessimist argument: There’s another way to look at the glass that brings life to everyone.

What if the debate isn’t a debate at all? What if the real answer is that the glass is full? Matter takes up space, and air is matter. Extend this to your practiced outlook on life and you get a whole new dimension. Life is full…you just have to look at it differently. People are both optimistic and pessimistic…we need to concentrate on the fact they are most importantly people. Fullness is a natural state…when we say we lack anything, we go against the very laws of nature.

Optimist. Pessimist. Full-ist.

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