Gentle Cleanse Detoxification Over 2 Weeks

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Why do you recommend spreading out the Gentle Cleanse detoxification component of the BENEW system detox over two weeks instead of one when Life Force International’s directions say one week?

Short answer: Advice I give is never to supercede what label directions are.

Longer answer: I do that for the same reason I don’t usually recommend FlexeoPlus and OsteoProCare together the QuestionMarkImagefirst month. In a small (like, very tiny) percentage of my clients and customers, their systems are so delicate from their health challenges they can’t even handle solid nutritional components such as Vitamin C and Magnesium together. And frankly, and I mean this factually and absolutely non-derogatorily, they become distrustful of things which don’t end up working exactly as I have stated they would before they started taking it. Then, they tend to completely stop the very products which would help their health, because they believe it’s making their problems worse.

I have just learned over the years to be conservative to allow for varying health conditions. The Gentle Cleanse at full serving size can cause some bloating or digestive upset in people who aren’t particularly healthy in that area. Ninety-eight percent (estimating) of people will experience nothing except the benefits from it, but I want to help 100% of people, not 98%, so I just recommend the half scoop for 14 days to start. It does not lessen the impact on the body of the effectiveness of the cleanse, and I could even make the argument it’s even more effective used in this serving size, but that’s for another time. As with anything anyone puts in their mouth and swallows, it is up to them to use it appropriately and wisely.

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