Fun Story from Down Under

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Hi Team!

I was on the phone this week with a business prospect in Australia and he told me a familiar story: he had a friend who introduced him to Body Balance several years ago and he was very impressed with the product. In fact, he had a nicotine addiction and the Body Balance seemed to satisfy him on so many different levels he was able to stop his tobacco use. He saw improvement in his fitness hobby, his thinking, and his overall outlook on life. Not only that, he saw that his friend was improving his own finances working the Life Force business.

Then, unexpectedly, his friend laid down his business. The person I was speaking with mentioned he himself had some setbacks and thought Body Balance was in his life just to get him over the hump and he didn’t need it anymore. He stopped working on all he’d overcome and reverted to some poor habits, including his tobacco use. Fast forward to this week and he’s turned over a new leaf. He’s ready to get back in the game of life. Further, AustraliaMaphe decided he is going to take the knowledge he has and try the Life Force business himself, getting some customers to help him get capital and then work an aspect of the Internet* to grow his business even bigger. He has dreams, he has a plan, and he’s ready to launch!

Here’s what I love about this guy: he fell down and didn’t let it faze him. He saw his friend leave his business, but the person I was speaking with didn’t go to the place of blaming the business or any of the other reasons people get down on Network Marketing. (If you click that link, look at the “Don’t Join If” tab…) And he came to me with a plan, ready to go.

How will his story end? Time will tell. But I hope you feel encouraged about your peer to keep writing your own story with Life Force today, because you guys are amazing!



* He asked me what I thought of his specific internet marketing plan, based on his roommate who has expertise in this area helping him. I told him that 5 years ago, I would have told him he was fighting an uphill battle in his underwear armed with only a toothbrush. Today, there are many viable options for Internet marketing to help you with your business. Talk to me to find out more.

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