Fluoride in Body Balance

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Question: Why is fluoride in Life Force Body Balance, and about how much is in the product?

Thanks for your question. I understand why this seems a little weird, but there’s a great explanation and itQuestionMarkImage has nothing to do with anything the company adds to the product.

The fluoride in Body Balance is not added to the mixture. It is the naturally occurring from the element fluorine (number 9 on the periodic table) and is abundant all over the surface of the earth. When toothpaste makers create fluoride to add to their products, they harvest the fluorine and use its negatively charged one ion (and use a lot of it) to add to their pastes and gels.

Because Body Balance is made strictly from plants, those plants have extremely low levels of natural fluoride in them as well, about the amount you would find in an egg or any organically grown lettuce or other greens.

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