FlexeoPlus Helpful Hints

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FlexeoPlus liquid glucosamine with MSM is a strategic way to target your glucosamine supplement usage. With its accompanying extra nutrition, you are providing your body with extra zinc, Vitamin C, MSM, Vitamin K, and ipriflavone. FlexeoPlus is more than just a glucosamine supplement.

The suggested serving is 4 full droppers up to 3x times daily. Most people use Flexeo twice per day for the first 30 days and evaluate how they are progressing. Invert the bottle and shake it well before using.

The most popular way to take FlexeoPlus is to add it to a smoothie, a water bottle with at least 16 ounces of pure water, stirred into a beverage of your choice, or to put it in their Body Balance serving for that day. You do not have to take FlexeoPlus with these liquids for it to work better. You may take FlexeoPlus with other medications, unless you have been directed by your healthcare provider not to do so.

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