Essential Oils vs. Life Force Products and Body Balance

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Is it pointless to take essential oils when you’re taking Body Balance and other Life Force products?

I love it when people are interacting with the stuff they are doing for their health! I am a very familiar with essential oils, because I have used them for over five years. However, we use them topically and in my house for cleaning. The only internal essential oil I use is sweet orange, and I only use it in my coffee to flavor it. In other words, I use essential oil internally for flavoring because of the slight added nutritional components, and because it’s not artificial. I am very aware what companies are saying about their essential oils (because I have gone to their home parties and am on mailing lists for distributors of these products), and I think very highly of QuestionMarkImagethem for external use.

However, I would rather use actual cinnamon in my oatmeal than an essential oil to flavor it, because distillation of the cinnamon to get the oil does remove some phytonutrients of the non-oil part of the plant. In terms of absorbing the beneficial compounds externally or with inhalation, I support that, and there is no conflict between the food products of Life Force and essential oils. But I have yet to hear a nutritional profile of any essential oil which even holds a candle to Body Balance and the other products. And if I have to pick one for overall health, what the nutrition of Body Balance (and other LFI products) does to build and support the immune, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems FAR supersedes the benefits (and in a broader spectrum) than essential oils. But since I don’t have to choose, I buy mine through They are assayed by the same doctor as one of the main Network Marketing Essential Oil companies and very pure (and less than half the price).

And just as an aside, is another reason to have the Network Marketing products you represent be proprietary. I can buy the same grade of oils from a reputable source (who has tremendous information, equipment, and has been involved with oils for over 20 years). Read more about other things to compare when considering a reputable Network Marketing company.

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