Delivering Body Balance to Florida and Hot Regions

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I am considering ordering Life Force products, but I have some concerns about spoilage or nutrition decline due to the higher temperatures where I live in Florida. The delivery trucks can get so hot, it’s over 100 degrees inside. Is it possible to get them shipped with coolant packs or something? Thanks!

Hi Xxxxx,

First off, let me commend you for even thinking about the quality of your products, understanding this is whole food nutrition. You are really on top of this, thinking about temperatures, loss of nutrition, and spoilage in the tropical heat of Florida. I appreciate that. However, I want to explain to you briefly why this doesn’t have to be a concern with Body Balance, even in hot delivery trucks:

  • Body Balance is cold-processed and placed in specially designed bottles to prevent UV-exposure, like sunlight. Therefore, there are know degradation concerns from that radiation.
  • Nutrient degradation of even unstable nutrients, like Vitamin C, doesn’t begin to happen with whole foods until much higher temperatures than what are found even in those hot delivery trucks. This would absolutely be a problem if we were discussing a Vitamin C isolate supplement (like capsules), but because there are active enzymes in the whole food liquid, there is better cell stability for the unstable acid-based molecules.
  • Body Balance is produced fresh in small batches, so the nutrients are “stronger,” for lack of a better term. The fresher the ingredients, the stronger the cell walls!
  • All oxygen is removed from the bottle through a special process after packaging to prevent oxygen from producing problems at a molecular level.

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