Not Losing Weight on BENEW

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I have a customer who has not been losing any weight or noticing any differences being on BENew for over 2 weeks. She is questioning whether it will work or if it’s worth the cost.

  1. How do most people who you sell BENew to respond about the results they get after taking the products for a few weeks?
  2. What would you advise we do to address these concerns?

I have had one woman it took 3 weeks to see a difference, and then it came off really fast. There are a few options as to why this is happening. They are not listed in order of importance, just numbered for easier reference:QuestionMarkImage

  1. they are knowingly or unknowingly not using the product correctly (they are taking it every day but not taking 2 MBs per day, taking them 20 minutes before the meal, they are eating at a meal in addition to the shake);
  2. their metabolic switch is taking awhile to flip, just as with my one client;
  3. they have upped their exercise so much that the denser muscle tissue is creating a net zero weight loss, even though they are, in fact, losing fat;
  4. they are not being compliant (meaning not using it every day or missing MBs or didn’t like the taste of the cleanse so stopped it without telling you);
  5. they are knowingly or unknowingly increasing food/snack intake OR have changed quality of food to less nutrition/higher calories OR decreasing exercise by just a hair instead of keeping everything the same because they know they are on this and think it is a magic bullet to their problem;
  6. they are using a high fat milk in more than a 12 oz quantity to make the shake, and/or mixing something in with the shake which adds calories…same with MB (they didn’t drink grape juice before, but added 12 ounces of grape juice to their routine twice per day to take the MB)
  7. they only have one “cheat” day per week, but on it, they binge eat

I don’t mean to blame your customer, and there is no shame to any of these options even if they are intentionally doing these things. But this is where we need to present data to them to figure this out. They will likely connect their own dots. If they can honestly say they are using the product correctly, specifically as outlined every single day (with a 97% compliance), they haven’t done anything with #5, #6, or #7, then we need to assume #2 or #3 is occurring.

Here is what we need to do and the best way to present this to them. Posture yourself as their go-to person for this product, not me. But, you have me as backup when I am needed. Bring up my name very little. This is important because they have face-to-face contact with you and know ultimately they are accountable to themselves with YOU as their help. Since you are the initial contact and they have ordered through you, you need to do this initial interview:

“So, I talked to Carolyn and she said that she has seen this before. This is such an effective product, that this is unusual and you were right to bring this up. So, we’re going to start a process of discovery to see if we can get to the bottom of this and help you. Before we talk to Carolyn, I need to check some things about you not losing any weight. I’m going to ask you some questions just to clarify what you are doing so we can get to the bottom of this. Some of these may seem basic, but I’m asking simply because I’m not with you to see how you are using the product. Sometimes, people innocently and unknowingly use the product differently than it was designed to be used. Are you:

  • taking 2 MBs per day?
  • are you taking them 20 minutes before your breakfast and lunch?
  • eating anything else in addition to the shake at your meal, or eating within 90 minutes either way of taking the shake?
  • how much exercise, if any, have you added to your daily routine?
  • what are you using to make the shake and how much of it are you using?
  • have you added anything different to your daily food intake since starting this program, or have you increased the quantities of anything you were eating or drinking before?
  • have you finished the GC? (This is telling, because after the 2 weeks, they are supposed to be done with it. If they still have some left, they didn’t take it right. I have found when people aren’t compliant with the GC, they knowingly or unknowingly aren’t compliant with the other stuff.)
  • are you feeling hungry on the program?
  • Everyone deserves a treat day. On the times you have eaten treat foods, what were they and how much did you eat?

Here’s what you need to do when you ask them these things: treat it like it’s fine, you accept whatever answer they give with no judgement attached, and that you are really eager to help them lose weight and get to the bottom of this, because all of these things are true. If this is in your heart, NO MATTER IF THEY LIE TO YOU (and only they know that), you will see at the end of the conversation they will begin to interact with you about things they realize they might have done wrong and that they want to change before we do a conference call together. They will realize this is a powerful product if it’s used correctly, but they actually have to follow the instructions with it and redouble their efforts before talking with me. And, they will get convicted if they know they have been cheating, because here you are presenting yourself as an ally to them and they will realize their mistake and that they don’t want to disappoint themselves or you any more.

Now, if you go through this and they have been 100% compliant and can’t improve ANYTHING you have brought up with them, it’s time to conference me in. Or, if they present with symptoms which seem weird, take note of it and we’ll talk and schedule some time and I will go deeper with my knowledge and see if they have indicators they are one of those people we need to tweak the system for them.

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