Body Balance with Sea Nine & Benzene?

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I would like to know if the Body Balance with Sea Nine contains Benzene? I know it has the preservative Potassium benzoate and it also has Vit C. I have cancer and am undergoing treatment so I do not want to consume this product if it contains a potential carcinogen.

I am very sorry to hear that you are facing this health challenge. Thanks for writing to ask about Body Balance and benzene. I’m so pleased you are considering taking Body Balance to help you in this time, especially because of the highly anti-inflammatory properties of this formula.

Of course, what you put in your body in this time is a personal choice. I understand wanting to keep any additional toxins away from your body right now. When I am asked about benzenes in Body Balance, my standard answer is that, “I don’t know, but I highly doubt it.” This is because of the following:

  1. Body Balance contains a low amount of Vitamin C, even though it is highly bioavailable Vitamin C. This is why many people decide to add Vitali-C Product page to their Body Balance. There is so little of the potassium salt and not much of the ascorbic acid, that a byproduct seems highly unlikely (I don’t know how much chemistry you know, but you need certain molecule amounts on each side of the for reactions to occur);
  2. Body Balance is completely cold-processed. The chemical reaction which forms benzene is either because of presence of an acid, or because heat or sunlight is applied. Body Balance is specifically cold-processed to maintain the integrity of the nutrition profile, and placed in thick, UV-proof bottles. So, the other element is missing.

I do encourage you to avoid benzene by having someone else fuel your car, staying away from passive cigarette smoke, and storing your food in glass containers. The reverse of any one of these activities will expose you to benzene in addition to what every person on earth is exposed to by breathing. Again, the choice is yours about Body Balance. If you decide to order, feel free to visit our Body Balance page by clicking right here.

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