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I am writing because a patient of mine told me that she can get an 8 pack of Body Balance on eBay for $160.00. I checked it out and that is correct. So, what’s up with that? That price on eBay is below my cost when I purchase from Life Force.

Well, this is unfortunate, because once again someone is trying to exploit the company. This is actually against Life Force Policies and Procedures. Here is why it is a lose-lose for everyone involved:

  • The Ebay guarantee only covers if you got what you ordered. It does not allow the consumer to get their money back if they are unhappy with their purchase.
  • There is ZERO quality control with this inventory! I looked at the batches for everything being sold on Ebay (as of September 21, 2015) and this stock is on average 6 months old or expired. They aren’t putting that in the description with the listing. The 8-pack in question is 6 months old. The 4-quart listing expired in April. The one quart expired in June. So, there is nutrient degradation which means the end consumer is getting a less than ideal experience. The point is to have people getting healthier on Body Balance, not taking an inferior product. Don’t forget that we don’t know if these sellers stored this in their hot attic, garage, car, etc. either, thus further causing nutrient degradation. (Don’t laugh–this really happened with one of my customers who kept it in her car!) When it comes from the factory to you, it is fresh and ready to help people.
  • The sellers are likely just trying to make back the some of the money that was spent on this product, but are selling expired or old product. This makes YOU look bad by telling your customers to buy from them, or if you buy from them it makes YOU look bad by delivering your customers a less than ideal product experience as their healthcare provider. Your ultimate goal is to be helping them with excellent products, right?

Occasionally, a distributor will try to sell Body Balance on Amazon, thinking that if they sell it there, zillions of people will buy and they will make money. Unfortunately, this backfires for them because of the following:

  • You can only sell Body Balance for its retail price
  • Even if you buy it through a second position, selling it for retail keeps you from making much per bottle
  • Until you pay shipping and your time to pack up the bottle to run it to the post office, you make even less.
  • Once Life Force finds out you are selling it, according to Policies and Procedures, they can revoke your membership and withhold your commission checks.

Body Balance doesn’t deserve to be relegated to any discount aisle or status. There is nothing on the market like this product, and you get the honor of helping people to better health with your referrals. If you are ready to work with a veteran mentor, contact me today at 717-473-9535.

This post was updated November 14, 2018 to change the phone number.

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