Body Balance if Allergic to Fish?

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Can anyone drink this product if they are allergic to fish? Thank you.

Thanks for your question. I’m afraid I’m not sure which product you are referring to (for your own privacy, we can’t see which page you were on when you clicked to leave a message), but if you are talking about Body Balance, there are no fish products in the ingredients and, in 30 years, Life Force has not had any reports of people being allergic to fish having problems with it. Just to be sure, I encourage you to dab some on a cotton ball and rub inQuestions my Life Force business downline ask me on the inside of your wrist and behind your knee wait 1 hour to see if you have any tissue reaction. Also, when you take your first serving, only consume 1 teaspoon and wait for one hour.

But, I can also tell you that I have had people with food allergies feel better on Body Balance because of it supplying back some of the nutrition they cannot usually get because of their limited diet!

Please note that both OsteoPROCare (NOT OsteOMEGAcare) and FlexeoPlus contain shellfish…just in case you came from those pages.

I hope this helps! You can order Body Balance by clicking right here: There is a 90-day money back guarantee on all Life Force products, too!

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