Body Balance and TruBoost to Elevate Energy?

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Hi, I was looking into and possibly interested in Body Balance and TruBoost to elevate my mood and give me energy. I was thinking though, if body balance is suppose to be great product giving you nutrients and giving you energy then what’s the use of the other products? Also, my mood is down a lot and it seems the Truboost drink is supposed to help with mood and energy? So are these 2 products similar?

Hi Xxxxx,

The Life Force Body Balance liquid whole food supplement should be the foundation of any Life Force products you take, because it is a broad spectrum, super-nutrient dense liquid whole food, and it is giving the body what it needs to heal itself. It is the one “go to” product I use, no matter the health question or complaint, because it’s simply giving our body nutrients we don’t usually have in our diets, even if we eat veryLife Force SunBright mood lifter clean.

However, you are correct that sometimes I recommend supplementing that foundation when there are specific health challenges. In the case of a lower mood, I recommend the TruBoost Honest energy for the symptoms and also the True Greens pre-biotic and probiotic Greens Drink to further the healing at the source, because sometimes, getting gut health restored can have a dramatic impact on emotional health, due to the amount of the nervous system that actually is in the gut.

Just a reminder that Life Force is cGMP certified and is always maintaining quality standards, just the way they strive for purity and excellence in all they do.

As for duration to see improvements, certainly you would see some improvement in 30 days with a decided improvement by 90 days (which is well within the 90-day money-back guarantee). If you are interested, I can send you a questionnaire you can take when you order to help you evaluate how you are improving after 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks, etc. In terms of getting it to you, I cannot give you that information until I know where you live, although if you want to receive it in 2-day service, you can do that as long as you pay the associated fees.

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