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Every so often, I get a customer who doesn’t receive the introductory email to the Benew Weight Loss system, which is a shame because of the wealth of information in that one little email! So, here it is, without the links.

Thank you for your order and for joining the BENew Nation!

We are excited for you – this is the next great phase of your life. BENew™ was created to help you get quick results that last. benew-kit-190x144Most people have tried dieting and even succeeded at losing weight, only to gain it right back (and then some!). BENew™ is different.

BENew™ is the complete package! Cutting-edge products, easy to use tracking tools, meal guides and recipes, exercise plans, and a community of support, all backed by a company with three decades of proven results.

Want a natural weight loss plan that actually works? Order by clicking right here.

Now that you have placed your order, here’s what to do next:

  1. There is no better way to prepare for this exciting next step than by reading our BENew™ Starter Guide. [The customer receives a link to this proprietary booklet in the email.] This resource includes meal plans, recipes, and fitness routines along with instructions on how to get support throughout your weight loss journey. Keep this handy, since you will want to refer to it often!
  2. Next, register for your BENew™ support website through your personalized invitation link here: [individual website listed here]
  3. When registering for your BENew™ support website be sure to:
  4. * Upload your ‘before’ pictures * Enter your starting weight and your goal weight * View or download your BENew™ meal, recipe and fitness guides so you can start planning your meals and burning calories today!
  5. ​Next, connect with BENew™ Nation Facebook Group to get community support for your transformation journey.
  6. Then, if you are not already on Autoship – sign up today! With BENew™ you can see results quickly. Stick with the program for at least 90 days to maximize results, and save money every month with the convenience of our monthly Autoship program. Need help signing up for Autoship? Call 1-800-531-4877 for assistance or contact the person who shared BENew™ with you.
  7. Finally, be sure to login everyday on your BENew™ support website to track your progress and stay informed of the latest news.

Again, thank you for your order and for choosing to be part of the BENew™ Nation! You will be getting an email soon with tracking information on your order.


~ Your Transformation Team

Have other members in your household ordered BENew™ products with you as well? If so, they can register for their own BENew™ support website using the links below and track their own progress independently! Each link will allow an additional family member to have their own custom support website. [links here]

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