Baseline Nutrition (Body Balance with OsteOmegaCare) Helpful Hints

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Please follow all label instructions. These helpful hints below do not replace any labeling instructions or literature from Life Force International.

  • Refrigerate opened bottles of Body Balance and OsteOMEGACare.
  • Shake each product well before serving to distribute the food particles evenly while pouring.
  • Your ideal starting serving of Body Balance is 4 ounces per day. If you are starting with 2 ounces, consume that 2 ounces in the morning, with or without food.
  • Because OsteOmegaCare by Life Force International is chelated with orotic acid, it is an extremely effective calcium product. Because some people are sensitive to the alkalyzing effects of the product, we always suggest you take the servings with food to begin. So, with your breakfast and evening meal is ideal for Baseline Nutrition (2 ounces of Body Balance, 1 tablespoon OsteOMEGACare. You will see over time that your body will also conform to this reaction and you can take it at any time.
  • While most people find the taste of Body Balance appealing, you may also mix the Body Balance with any cold beverage. Some people even put it in their large water bottles and sip it throughout the day. Unlike the popular “nutrition drops” sold in stores that contain isolated vitamins and minerals, the vitamins and minerals in Body Balance are naturally occurring and in perfect ratios to complement each other.
  • Most people find OsteOMEGACare’s taste appealing. You may stir the liquid calcium into any cold or hot beverage. Some people enjoy placing it into their smoothies, stirring it into their coffee or tea, or putting it into their cream soup.
  • If you suffer from heartburn, try an additional serving of OsteOMEGACare instead of a tablet to judge which works better for you.
  • You are putting over 135 nutrients, 8 glyconutrients, and wonderful polysaccharides into your body with each serving of the Baseline Nutrition system. Congratulate yourself for taking great care of your body!

Always be sure to contact us with any concerns or questions about your Baseline Nutrition product. We want you to have a terrific experience with this great product!

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