Additional Hints and Tips Concerning the BENEW System

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Following the BENEW Meal Plan and Exercise regimen is terrific, but there are some people who wish to tailor-make the system to their own lifestyle and demands. Here are some additional helpful hints if you want to just take the products and keep to your own diet and regimen plan:

  • Don’t eat after 7:30 PM. Just as with any machinery, your body machine needs a rest. When your body learns that calories will not be available after this time, your metabolism will adjust, becoming more efficient, and your blood sugar will normalize to expected times during the day.
  • Have the snacks on the snack list on hand. Don’t get stuck being hungry and having to go to the store.
  • Keep Clif bars in the car. These help for those especially rushed times you get caught away from home unexpectedly.
  • Make your afternoon snack a mini-meal. Carrots/raw veggies and 2 tablespoons of hummus are ideal in the afternoon or in that hour before supper when you’re hungry.
  • If you’re hungry before bed…Greek yogurt is ideal if you’re still hungry at 7:30 PM because of the additional influence the milk and milk sugars have on your biochemistry in relationship to sleeping.BENew Weight Loss Kit
  • You can adjust meal calories. If you don’t like going to bed hungry, weight your caloric intake to lunch and supper.
  • Eat your snacks based on when the tummy growls, not on what the clock says. However, make sure it’s a real growl you can hear, not just an “empty” feeling in the stomach. There actually is a science to this, and the growl signifies calories are needed.

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  • If your stomach is growling within the hour before a meal, still eat a snack, but reduce the portion by half.
  • Be present when you eat. Think about the texture of the food, the sweet, salty, or sour nature, the marvel of having food to eat. Look up every couple minutes and engage with your surroundings, whether you are eating alone or not (admiring a view from a window or the color of the upholstery is a good start).
  • Once you get started with the plan, incorporate tweaks. As stated above, if you get hungry a half hour before supper, it’s okay to eat half of a snack. Once you get going and you are seeing movement toward your goals, try sipping on a cup of hot tea with stevia, coffee water you ran through the grounds a second time, or a roasted chicory drink. The temperature change in your stomach will help “trick” your mind that you are now temporarily full, and you will be deriving benefits from the plant infusions.
  • A starving feeling is GOOD at the beginning (and no, you’re really not starving, you’re just resetting your gherilin and leptin hormones), but not if it is causing distress for you. If you can, make peace with it as a purely physical phenomenon. Fat loss is actually cyclical in nature and has to do with a life-cycle ecosystem within your body. HOWEVER, if this is just increasing stress for you because you catch yourself thinking thoughts like, I already can’t have so many things in my life and now I have to lose this, too? OR I don’t know if this is really worth everything I am giving up because of the comfort food gives me, OR It seems this will never end, then you need to feed the growl! About 100-150 calories of anything, eaten thoughtfully (even if you’re ravenous) and slowly (even if you’re ravenous) and drinking with water would be a good option, and you may do that AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH during your day as long as your stomach is physically growling. Some suggestions: nuts, seeds, hummus with carrots or veggies, half of a protein bar like you buy at the grocery store, same with a Clif bar, jerky, a hard boiled egg, 1/2 can of tuna, even a small bowl of cereal (measured). I cannot stress this enough: if there is an emotional component you are struggling with, you need to FEED THE GROWL as often as you growl. It’s important we don’t feed those feelings of loss or deprivation, and you will still lose your goal weight AND end up with a better relationship with food.
  • Set mini-goals and don’t forget to make a big deal about it when you achieve them. You don’t have to wait around for a compliment from a co-worker or seeing validation from buying smaller clothes. Those will come, but every day you need to set a goal for yourself (such as the fact you said no to the candy dish at the receptionist area) and congratulate yourself when you achieve it. The congratulations might take the form of posting a status on your Facebook page, mentioning it at the dinner table to your family, texting a good friend, speaking to yourself in the mirror with a big “Way to go!” or even treating yourself to something you enjoy doing like a soaking bath, walk in the park, or going to a movie you wanted to see.

Also, change up the shakes regularly. Depending on your weight loss goal and interest level, you might find the shakes get, well…boring. Try any of the following variations to maximize nutrition and taste:

  • Replace your current milk with 1 ounce first-pressed coconut milk and 11 ounces almond, cashew, or dairy milk with a higher fat content.
  • Mix any of the milks mentioned in various ratios to equal 12 ounces.
  • Place 3-4 drops of Sweet Orange or Peppermint essential oil (I buy mine through because I trust their sourcing) into the cup before shaking.
  • Use 2 teaspoons cocoa powder in the vanilla shake or make the chocolate a “double chocolate.
  • Toss a about a quarter cup of any mashed fruit into the cup and shake longer than usual.
  • If you really are treating yourself, get out the blender and put 4 ounces first-pressed coconut milk, the powder, 3 nubs of frozen cauliflower, and other milk into the blender to equal 12 ounces and mix for at least 60 seconds to create a milkshake texture.
  • Add chia seeds or flax flour (1 teaspoon) before blending to help you feel fuller even longer.
  • Try a latte or chai by mixing the vanilla powder with cold coffee or tea.


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