35 Ways to Pimp Your Soup and Sauces

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One of the joys of having teens in the house is that I can embarrass them by adopting their phraseology and use it indiscriminately against them. Ideally, this is at a track meet in front of their friends, but in this case I will settle for the small world of the Internet.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what “pimping” has become, it’s when you take a possession and stylize it lavishly and unconventionally. For instance, I saw an ad for a company that sells colorful slipcovers for tanning beds with many different themes of decoration using the slogan, “Pimp Your Bed.” Generally, the designs were over the top, which is also a characteristic of “pimping” something.

I’m all for realistically dealing with food and our eating. Sometimes, we’ll be in “perfection” mode and eat to the best of our knowledge. Sometimes, we’ll go to the other extreme and throw nutrition and any respect for what it does for our bodies out the window. And most times, we’re between the extremes. So, I’m a big fan of tweaking what you’re eating to supercharge–or, colloquially, pimping–your food.

Here are 35 great ways to pimp your soup or sauce. Consider adding them right before eating, but if you prefer flavors to blend this is definitely one of those times that, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly if not well. Add one or more as a garnish. By doing this, you will be exposing yourself to phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and/or more that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Of course, the more you add, the more your cells will smile!

  1. chopped spinach or kale
  2. ChakeeMasterresized
  3. baby carrots, sliced thin
  4. flax meal
  5. green tea
  6. garlic powder or crushed garlic
  7. minced onion
  8. all-natural peanut butter or crushed peanuts
  9. pecan meal
  10. pureed broccoli or cauliflower
  11. minced cabbage
  12. TrueGreens Probiotics Greens Drink with antioxidants
  13. cocoa powder
  14. green onion tops
  15. chives
  16. clove (tip: a little goes a loooonnnnggg way)
  17. ginger
  18. V-8 juice (low sodium)
  19. black or cayenne pepper
  20. extra-virgin olive oil
  21. any bits of veggies
  22. dried or fresh basil
  23. dried or fresh parsley
  24. dried or fresh oregano
  25. dried or fresh rosemary
  26. sorghum flour
  27. organic wheat germ
  28. turmeric (and supercharge that with black pepper)
  29. sesame seeds
  30. curry powder
  31. Old Bay® seasoning
  32. cinnamon
  33. chili powder
  34. cooked quinoa
  35. toasted, ground soybeans
  36. poppy seeds

What about you? How do you pimp your soup, sauce, or other food?

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